8. The HVAC System Needed A Tune Up

I didn’t realize how important HVAC servicing was until I moved into my first apartment.

I was a Junior in college and my friends and I wanted to live off campus for the first time ever. The University was in a city, so there were plenty of apartments available, however, our budget was small. Thankfully, there were a few apartments that were rented to college students regularly, and we knew older students who were moving out. Before they moved out, they needed someone to sign the lease, which we were able to do. My friends and I moved in and loved being in an apartment over a dorm, but it didn’t take long for that excitement to wear off. When we received our first utility bill, the price was almost double what we were expecting. We decided to be diligent about lowering our electric usage and our heat and air usage for the following month. However, when the utility bill was still high the next month, we knew we were in trouble. We contacted the landlord about having the HVAC system serviced because we knew that was what was draining our energy. The HVAC system barely worked and it was always making odd noises. After doing some research, we were confident that an HVAC system tune up would help us out. However, the landlord never returned our phone calls or emails and we were forced to continue living in the apartment with lousy heat and air. No matter how little we used the heat and air, the bill was always high.

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