A family lawyer can help with wills and estates

Although I’m still in my early 30s, I realize that it’s important to get my affairs straight in the event of my death.

I am married to a wonderful woman and we have a two-month-old baby who we are immensely proud of.

My job provides health insurance and life insurance, but someone told me that I still need an official will. I don’t want my death to create a financial crisis for my loved ones while they’re already suffering from grief. When my grandmother died, she didn’t even have money set aside for a proper funeral and burial. We didn’t know what to do at the time because she was living in a nursing home that was paid for by her federal medical insurance. It was really stressful for my mother and I realized that death causes problems that can be exponentially greater than grief on its own. Thankfully I found a great family lawyer near our house that advertises his specialties in wills and estates. There were plenty of positive reviews for this particular lawyer on the internet. After speaking with him for an hour, I was confident that I had found the right person to help me with my will and last testament. I set up a trust for my family in the off chance that something happens to me prematurely. No longer am I lying awake at night wondering if my wife will manage if there’s an accident that ends my life before hers. While I can’t control something like that, I can do the best that I possibly can to prepare and have recourse put into place for my family while I still have the time to plan.


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