A long day of watching an HVAC device upgrade

I recently witnessed and experienced my genuinely first heating and a/c device upgrade! You see I just moved into a new apartment that I purchased, and the central a/c and gas furnace that came with the locale were old and in their last years.

So I wanted to just replace it right away rather than start dealing with all kinds of heating and a/c device repair bills.

Let me tell you that I had no idea that the removal of an old central heating and A/C device and the upgrade of a brand new central heating and A/C device was a near all day affair! I had thought that the whole process would have taken roughly a few hours, but I was totally wrong about that. It was a full 8 hour work day. It really is no wonder they had to start extremely early in the morning hours. I have to tell you though that watching them break down and remove the old air handler, put the new one in and move everything like movers was genuinely amazing! I got a real education on heating and cooling upgrades let me tell you. I almost feel as though I went to a day of heat and cooling device certification college. It was that educational for me! Not that I would ever be able to install or remove a central heating and A/C device myself, but I do know the basics. I asked a couple of questions as they were working as well.


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