A modular home is nicer than a mobile home

I’m not surprised he built a condo out of ancient train yard equipment

There are a couple of harsh however general differences between a mobile plus a modular home… Mobile homes are usually smaller plus come outfitted with wheels, some of the first mobile trailers date all the way back to the 1968s. Modular homes are much different, however they are sturdier plus need to meet the same building codes as regular construction, both modular homes plus mobile homes are manufactured inside of a factory. They are only pieced together on the site. There are plenty of energy efficient plus eco-friendly homes that can be purchased in this market. Some of the best modular homes are made out of shipping containers. I visited with a buddy that recently made a condo out of shipping containers. I was amazed that the locale looked traditional inside; He had carpeted flooring, ceilings, windows, plus walls. The home office had appliances appreciate a regular condo plus the bathroom was nicer than the 1 in our apartment. The outside of the building looks easily dark plus bleak plus cold. Inside of the shipping container home, things are much different. It looks easily modern plus up-to-date. My buddy had an interior decorator help with the overall look, feel plus design, so the flow is entirely nice plus smooth. The guy is super creative. I’m not surprised he built a condo out of ancient train yard equipment. I suppose the condo is 1 of the most interesting pieces of functional art that I have ever had the joy of seeing. It makes me want to learn more about tiny homes plus container buildings.

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