AC at the hospital breaks

I am laying in the hospital and it starts to get truly moderate in the room.

It is the middle of Summer in a moderate temperature and a lot of people are out and about, however going to the beach during this time of year is where I would rather be, however that’s okay.

I am not going to complain because I am in the hospital. I should be grateful that I have great insurance to pay for our surgery, however I am not thrilled to be here in the summer. I will be here for a few mornings, and the warmth of the room is starting to become overwhelming. I look around for the call button to get the doctors attention however I don’t see it. It must have fallen under our bed again. I wish there was a way to adjust the temperature control on this remote control because this heat is getting to be too much. I get a hold of the doctor and she informs myself and others that the AC has stopped laboring in the entire building. She reassures myself and others that there are HVAC specialists on the way to help and that I will be comfortable again in no time. She brings myself and others a small box fan, however the heat is overwhelming. I start to wonder if there’s another way to cool this building down any faster, and if there is, I need to figure it out fast. I want to be able to be cool and keep our body temperature down because I need to get out of here as soon as possible.


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