All of us get more than Heating & Air Conditioning cooling from the heat pump in summer

If the weather could only be enjoy this year round.

All of us are in the sweet spot right now for our region. While most of the rest of the country is gearing up for or already dealing with a whole lot of Winter weather, I’m sort of relaxing. That’s due to the fact that our taxing weather stage is over. Where I live, it’s all about dealing with really high heat plus humidity. So right now, I don’t have to listen to the heat pump cycling on to lower the temperature in our home. The heat pump is now taking a long plus well deserved break. Oh, there may be a few times when the temperatures plunge that every one of us kick on the Heating & Air Conditioning heating. But that’s rare plus and the heating isn’t on undoubtedly long anyway. Still, the heat pump is our best buddy when the temperatures get to hovering near the triple digits with equally high humidity. That’s when the Heating & Air Conditioning cooling becomes an essential. Attempting to live through our summer time without any Heating & Air Conditioning cooling would be more than I could deal with. And that has to do with more than just the cooling comfort of a/c. The heat pump is also balancing the humidity levels in the house as section of the Heating & Air Conditioning cooling process. The heat pump really begins the cooling process by extracting the heat energy from inside the house plus bad it outside. As the heat pump does this, it’s taking with it a bunch of the moisture satisfied from the air. Without this aspect of Heating & Air Conditioning cooling we’d be dealing with a whole lot of mold & mildew.


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