At the Movies

When my daughter was young, her best friend’s parents would regularly invite her along on a movie trip.

She loved spending time with this family and knew them well.

The mother was a wonderful influence and I was happy to allow my daughter to tag along. As a lot of us know, it is hard to make everyone comfortable in a movie theatre. The air conditioning and heater settings never seemed to work for everyone. It was so extreme to our friend’s mother that she would not go to the theatre without her blanket and one for the girls if she thought they might need it. I often wonder who is in charge of the air conditioning and heating settings in big buildings like a movie theatre, a department or grocery store or a church. Do they sit in a small office with their thermostat and assume the huge building needs the same heating and cooling settings as their office? Maybe they are thinking if the theatre is full, the body heat produced will make a big difference in the heating or air conditioner setting needed. Maybe the grocery store manager is trying to keep his produce cool or the bakery warm. Maybe the department store owners are turning the air conditioners down to sell winter coats and sweaters. My father bundles up for church in July because of the air conditioning. Whatever reasoning they are applying, it rarely works for me. Like our friend’s mother, I don’t go to the movies without something to keep me warm because I’m certain the theatre will be a lot cooler than is comfortable for me.

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