Came Down with a Brutal Cold or Flu Yesterday

I’m not sure what I have but it is no joke. My neighbors all had it a few days ago and I was trying to help them with some natural medicines and now I have it. Last night it got so bad at one point I felt like I may need to call an ambulance, gosh how I miss my mom, especially in times like this. I woke up this morning feeling a little bit better but still not feeling good at all. The only positive thing I can find here is this is my first cold in two years. My space heater saved my life last night as it kept my room really warm on a very cold winter night. Actually, tomorrow is the first day of spring so the cold weather may be leaving us soon. I have central heat in my flat but it doesn’t get my room very warm since the vent in my bedroom is so small, this is where the portable space heater does its job. I tried to steam this flu out of my body and am going to skip my cold sea dips till I am feeling better. I am going to work on my hot water boiler today as I have been losing the hot water slowly over the past few months. I probably need to replace it soon but I am going to see if I can repair it first. I have a gas heater for the hot water right now, but I am thinking of switching to a tankless unit next.


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