Can’t be humid when you make divinity

When I was 12-14 years old, I could seriously make some killer divinity.

I used my great Grandmother’s recipe & would regularly send boxes of the candy to my uncle who was stationed in Germany with the military.

For those of you who are uninformed, divinity is an attractive candy that is basically pure sugar. The setback with divinity is it cannot be made on a humid day. My mother would not even let myself and others try to make it unless it was a gorgeous day. I never understood the reason behind her steadfastness on this actual issue. Now I understand fully, it will not set up – just take my word for it & don’t even try. Once I got married & had my own property & kitchen for cooking, I thought I would try my hand at making this adorable candy again. Our property had air conditioning equipment to control the humidity so I should not have a problem in the slightest. Well I was wrong about that. While the air conditioning equipment did help control the humidity & keep the kitchen space cool while cooking, It seemed I had lost the touch altogether. Several more attempts were made to make this attractive treat, each time keeping the property as cool & as humidity free as possible. I put the air conditioning equipment to the test to get the humidity to a level that would allow myself and others to get my candy to my pre-teen standards. I was cool & comfortable in my home office, but to no avail. It appeared it was going to take more than an air conditioning equipment to recreate my childhood treats! Maybe Mother was right – you had to have a marvelous day to make pretty divinity.

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