Corporate wellness program makes me happy to work here

I’ve never had a career.

  • I’ve only ever just worked at jobs with my only goal being to bring home a paycheck.

I got so used to this that I didn’t even want recognize it when I landed a career job. Yes, I knew I was getting paid better but I didn’t realize the kind of company I was working for until about a week into my employment. That’s when I found out that this company has a corporate wellness program. They have yoga classes every morning, a weight room, and private nutritional counseling available upon request. I’ve never worked for a company that cared so much about their employees. My boss said that they’d rather keep the employees healthy then pay for a bunch of sick days. This makes so much sense. now that I know about the yoga classes, I’m going to be coming early everyday to participate in them. I’m not real interested in the weight Rome because I’m not really into lifting weights but they do also have a treadmill in there. after I’ve been here a few months, I think I’ll look into that nutritional counseling to. After all, I don’t eat very healthily. It’s not that I’m overweight, not by much anyway, but I don’t imagine that microwavable meals should be eating as often as I eat them. I’m happy to actually have a career now and to work for a company that cares about me, personally. knowing that they care enough to have a corporate wellness program makes me want to work even harder for this company and to stay here for as long as they will have me. Hopefully that’s a really long time.

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