Dog is the control unit police

When I was growing up I fully expected to live on my own and be in control of my life at some point.

I couldn’t wait to get out of my family lake house and experience life for myself, without anyone telling me what to do or breathing down my neck.

I could not wait to be independent and responsible for all of my own needs. I did not want to compromise for anyone ever again or put my needs on the back burner. And then I adopted a cat who apparently has a lot to say about the indoor air temperature. I found this out the hard way about a month after adopting my puppy when I needed to use the air conditioning system for the first time. As I switched the control unit from the heating to the cooling setting I saw my cat getting rather nervous. As cool air began flowing through every vent in the room, he started running in circles and barking; Eventually, I put him outside so that he could take a cut from his air vents attacks. Instead, he started barking at the air conditioning system itself, then from that afternoon forward, I realized that there was some kind of problem with my control unit and my cat. Whenever I utilize the central heating or cooling system my pooch is going to have an absolute fit. I have tried installing a smart control unit so that he wouldn’t notice me making any temperature alterations, but he notices as soon as fresh indoor air starts flowing through the HVAC duct. Every time it is so jarring that I wind up reverting the Heating and Air Conditioning programming so the indoor air handling devices will turn off again. At this point, I have less control over my home than the cat.

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