Don’t wash your own ducts – squirrels

When our husband wouldn’t stop complaining about the central heating and cooling plan I decided it was finally time to take care of the air handling devices; Don’t get myself and others wrong, I had already ignored his for over 2 years with his continual complaints about the uneven air rapidly decreasing temperatures, high energy costs, and odory indoor air.

I honestly was not excited at the plan of calling a local heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist to do something rudimentary to our indoor air handling devices and charge us hundreds of dollars.

That’s why I decided to beginning enjoying DIY HVAC repair videos on YouTube with the hopes of learning how to improve our own indoor air conditions. I got through a few basic problemshooting and diagnostics heating, cooling, and air quality control unit videos. And then I saw a special DIY explanation about cleaning out your own air ducts. Apparently, it is not necessary to hire a professional heating, cooling, and ventilation worker if you have a few basic items on hand to reach into your own air ducts and dislink the airborne contaminants. It is highly commanded that you correctly wash your air ducts to labor or else you decrease your indoor air conditions and increase the wear and tear on your heating and cooling devices. It seemed enjoy a great locale to start. I suddenly found out that I was not prepared for a heating, cooling, and air quality control cleaning appointment on our own. Specifically, when a family of squirrels revealed themselves inside of our duct work. Suddenly, I found myself being attacked by tiny rodent teeth as I suddenly flung myself out of the air duct. I think I’ll call the HVAC worker now.


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