Going out to dinner with a HVAC professional

I’ve been wanting to go out with the guy who does my Heating & A/C job for myself and others for a while now.

I met him last year when I was getting my broken air conditioner system fixed.

I wasn’t expecting to meet any potential dates on the day that I had the air conditioner installation scheduled, but when that Heating & A/C truck pulled into my driveway, I had the surprise of my life! The Heating and A/C worker who got out of the truck looked like he belonged in a modeling magazine, not in a heating and cooling truck. Even better, he was super nice and helpful! He was also funny as he made a lot of jokes about my air conditioner method’s broken state and the high temperatures outside. He suddenly made a comment about me being as hot as the weather outside, and I was surprised! But then I started thinking that he meant it in a flirtatious way. By the time he was finished fixing my broken cooling system, I wanted to ask him out to dinner or something. Of course, I chickened out and then he got into his HVAC truck and left. I nearly cried when he was pulling out of the driveway. For days, I kept on thinking about him and so I ended up calling the Heating & A/C business just to see if he would answer the phone. Of course he didn’t, though. He was always out on the road doing furnace repairs and installations. I finally got desperate. I called the Heating & A/C business as well as made another appointment to have my ventilation ducts cleaned out. I was so cheerful to see him that I couldn’t believe it. This time, I didn’t let him get away before I asked him out to dinner!


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