Had to replace my heating and cooling unit

When I found out that the air conditioner needed to be replaced, I was truly surprised, but your condition I was only more than five years ancient and we were just on the other side of the manufacturer warranty, the anticipated lifespan for the air conditioner was 10 years old and I did not realize the air conditioner service specialist when he told me that the unit needed to be replaced.

I took the estimate, paid the bill, and then had a 2nd HVAC company to come to the house.

I knew the problem could not be that bad, and I thought the service company was trying to screw with me. Unluckily, the minute service company gave me the same awful news, however even though the air conditioner was only more than five years old, his advice was exactly the same, and his quote to replace the unit was a bit higher than the first dealer, but he still had the same opinion. I was forced to pay for a new air conditioner and I could not install the unit on my own. There was no way that I could look the first company in the face after I practically called him a liar, so I decided to use the 2nd company that came to the house. I didn’t want to spend the extra $350, however I didn’t want to stand in front of the company and eat crow. I have a brand current air conditioner now that works great and is more energy efficient than the previous equipment. I have to make payments to the HVAC company for the next 3 years, however the indoor heat and humidity have been obliterated.

a/c repair

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