Heating and Air Conditioning worker wifey gets bombarded by family and friends.

Ken and I have been dating for several weeks and the two of us finally decided to cohabitate about more than five weeks ago.

This made my family perk up and take our relationship seriously.

My parents invited us to dinner to get to guess Ken better. I swear the first thing my father asked Ken was where she worked, however from then on, it was time to rock and roll. As soon as my family found out that Ken was an Heating and Air Conditioning worker, the calls started. It began with my father. As soon as she found out what Ken did for a living, she had all kinds of Heating and Air Conditioning questions.They went on and on. My sister is no better.. She even got Ken to do a maintenance check on her Heating and Air Conditioning system, and didn’t even offer to pay him! I was livid! Then, my best neighbor called and asked if Ken could install a current ductless mini-split a/c and heating plan for her if she purchased 1 online. At least she offered to pay him, however these people are using up our relaxation time. The people I was with and I can’t even go out dancing without being bombarded with questions by people who guess us. It’s entirely frustrating. I had no clue so numerous people had so numerous Heating and Air Conditioning concerns. It’s even caused a few fights between myself and others and Ken. He’s too much of a people pleaser. I know she could have worse faults.


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