Humidifiers and a/c don’t mix well

My whole family came down with a nasty Summer virus.

I guess the youngest child brought it home from school because she was the first to get sick. The other 2 adolescents followed suit. Then my fiance got sick. I was the last to catch it. I have to say, this is 1 nasty virus. I can’t remember ever being this sick. I have been coughing so much that I started coughing up blood. The urgent care took some x-rays however assured myself and others that this happens periodically… Rest and fluids and prescription cough medicine are all they can do. Thankfully, the rest of the family is starting to reclaim so I figure that I will get better in a few days too. They all went back to work and school on Sunday. That left myself and others home alone. I was in the middle of a nap when I woke up feeling easily hot. I assumed I was just feverish so I didn’t guess much of it. However, I later evaluated the thermostat and observed that something was way off with our air conditioning. It wasn’t working at all. I suppose you shouldn’t use humidifiers with air conditionings however that couldn’t be helped. Both of us were all so sick that only humidifiers made it so the two of us could get some sleep and not be consistently coughing. “It won’t hurt for a few days”. That is what I told myself 3 weeks ago. Well now our air conditioning doesn’t work so I assume the extra humidity did hurt it. I had to call up an air conditioning professional to come out and fix our air conditioning. Thankfully it turned out to just be a soggy air filter and a clogged drain pipe. They got it working again.



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