I am excited by our results

I belong to a small chain of friends who own their own businesses.

We try to gather at least once a month for dinner and some chatting.

I am the only one in this group that has an Heating and A/C supplier. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some unquestionably beneficial portions derived from those relationships. I get to hear how they are marketing their own businesses. I like to see how others do their thing and take away some studying points for our business. It’s where I first heard about digital and online age. And this led me to reconsider just how I was marketing our Heating and A/C supplier. One of the group members was having good success with online marketing. She also owns a repair based shop. She encouraged me to call her online and digital marketing repair to see what it was all about. I was knocked out right away by how targeted and effective their digital marketing strategies were. They combined updating our website to a digital platform with search engine marketing or SEM. This approach garnered immediate results for our Heating and A/C supplier. I now have an online presence that attracts possible customers with interactive options. They take that a step further using SEM to get that platform in front of the eyes searching for our services. The online marketing repair uses PPC and SEO to get our digital presence where people can find it when they are using a search engine. I could not be more excited with the results I am seeing from digital marketing. I will continue with the strategy as our main kind of marketing because it works.


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