I am hunting for a Used HVAC Online

One of my renters had their A/C unit die Last week so I am going to have to install another one in their house soon or they will transfer out.

I am in charge of 14 rental houses and it seems there is constantly something going awry with 1 of them each week.

This house had an old HVAC plan and I knew it wasn’t going to last too long and I was correct because it only lasted a few months after that. I want to see if I can find a used one that someone is selling because the current units cost way too much and I just don’t have the cash to buy one right now. I think I can find a used HVAC unit for sale online somewhere in my neighborhood because there is a ton of construction going on in the city. A lot of people are buying and selling houses and building current ones so I am quite sure there is a used unit somewhere that someone wants to get rid of. I think I can buy a used HVAC plan for less than half the price of a current one and my HVAC company said they would install it for a honorable price. I just need to go online and find the thing. The rental place has a mini split air conditioner in their home office so they should be okay for a couple afternoons, however if it is longer than that I am afraid they may transfer out. I’d prefer to keep them living there because they have been nice renters and are genuinely nice people.

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