I am partial to hand made oak furniture

You don’t start out your career as a professional appraiser, that is something that takes years, even decades, to achieve.

You have to start somewhere, of course, so find a job that deals with furnishings.

I myself started as a clerk in an auction house. I was a teenager at the time, and not planning my future, I just wanted to see all the cool antiques that came in to be appraised and sold. That gave me enough hands-on experience to get me started in this industry, and 30 years later I am one of the foremost experts on custom furniture in the Pacific Northwest. This is logging country, this is a place settled by rugged frontiersmen, and there is no shortage of artisanal custom wood furniture to be had. Think about all the generations of people who lived here before there were any stores at all, so if they wanted a coffee table, or chairs, or any kind of furniture they had to make it themselves. There are several prominent wood furniture craftspeople that are carrying on the traditions and styles started by their ancestors several generations ago! With such a wide diversity in handmade wood furniture, it is very hard for anyone to be an expert, even me. To that end, I always take pictures of every piece of wood furniture I appraise. I have thousands of pictures, all cross referenced by the style, the artisan, and the kind of wood. I have always been partial to oak furniture, so that fills up a big portion of my picture book.

Custom built furniture

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