I badly broke my furnace

I regularly try to fix everything at my house myself, I don’t like having to pay for oil furnace repair, air conditioning repair, or appliance repairs when it’s something that I could do myself.

I watch a lot of videos online, and I also call my dad for help from time to time, and most times, he is able to walk me through oil furnace repairs right over the phone.

He used to be an HVAC specialist and so he absolutely knows his stuff. I like to think I know more about heater and air conditioning systems than the average person, just because I used to go out on heater repair services and a/c installation calls with my dad back when I was a kid, but every now and again, this method just doesn’t work. One morning, my furnace went on the blink and I couldn’t find a video to help me out. I called my dad and no matter what we tried, we just couldn’t get the darn furnace to fire back up again. I was angry at the furnace by this time and I suppose I must have used my wrench on it with a little too much force, to make a long story short, I ended up tearing my oil furnace up even worse than it would have been to begin with. I hung up with my dad and had to call one of the local heating and A/C suppliers to come out and do the furnace repair job for me. I had to pay a small fortune for the furnace to work, so I’m hoping that next time I’ll be able to fix it myself or with Dad’s help.

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