I bought a small a/c unit

I bought a small new home without central air conditioner, plus I am not sure that I made a fantastic choice.

I think that it may sound care about a first world problem, plus it absolutely is, but I just don’t think that I am going to love living in a new home without central air conditioner.

I have had central air conditioner in my new home for years plus years. I have lived in more than one other houses before this one, plus both of them had central air conditioner in them. I have been quite spoiled with central air conditioner for most of my life, plus I genuinely wish that I would have considered that a bit more before I bought this house. I think that I can use window air conditioner units, but they simply aren’t the same. With window air conditioner units, there are always rooms in the new home that still think quite warm. I have one window cooling system in my family room, plus I have another window air conditioner equipment in my family room. Those more than one rooms with the cooling systems are nice plus cool, but the rest of my new home is still a bit warmer than I would care about it to be, but my laundry room is at the back of my house, so the air conditioner doesn’t genuinely reach it. I dread doing laundry because of it. I don’t want to have to buy a second cooling system, but I may end up having to if I want to honestly get laundry done when I should. I find myself neglecting the laundry because of how much I dread going into the sizzling laundry room. I miss my central air conditioner more than I ever thought that I would.

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