I can’t believe my dog slammed into my cooling device

My dog just slammed into my cooling device.

I have a huge dog, and she weighs almost two hundred pounds.

She is truthfully the largest dog that I have ever seen. I appreciate her so much, however she is extremely clumsy. I have to be especially careful around her when she gets gleeful because she can accidentally hurt me. Not only does she accidentally hurt me, however she also accidentally ruins several things at my household. I don’t think I have any more decorations in my home because she has broken them all, however she didn’t mean to. I appreciate her too much to make her stay outside, so I let her stay in the household most of the time. She is a really nice dog except for the fact that she is clumsy. She ruined my cooling device last week, as well as it was sad. I had just gotten the cooling device a month prior. It was a pretty extravagant cooling device, as well as I didn’t have a warranty on it. I knew that I should have paid extra for the warranty for the cooling device, although I didn’t listen to my gut. Now, I have to buy a new cooling device. My dog literally just slammed into the cooling device as well as knocked it out the window. It was an accident, although I am now without a cooling system, as well as it is entirely warm outside. I absolutely need a new cooling device as soon as possible. It would be nice to have a cooling system by tomorrow night since I am having a buddy coming over, but I guess we will see.

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