I can’t design my way out of a box

I couldn’t imagine it when our best friend laughed and told myself and others our modern web design was the absolute worst.

I didn’t suppose he was being funny.

I was totally beyond insulted, and what made it worse was that he was laughing. I made a hand gesture and walked away. He came over and grabbed our arm. After explaining that he really wasn’t even sure what our supplier was, let alone what services I provided, I also provided him something, sort of. I’m sure he was just trying to be nice, even though I wasn’t having any of it. I told the dude that if he thought he could do it better then be our guest. After finding a pen, I violently wrote down our password and name, plus the website address, and told him to go ahead and have at it. For the next several weeks, I looked at our website every afternoon, even though I honestly didn’t see any swings. I finally got a call from this guy, and he told myself and others to go online and look at the website. He had finally finished and made it go live. I couldn’t suppose the difference. The background was of a furnace and AC with the silhouette of a Heating and Air Conditioning tech with a smile. The web design was gorgeous, and when he told myself and others he made it more likely to be picked up on when someone did a search for local Heating and Air Conditioning companies, I really was ecstatic. I told him the web design was amazing, and I thanked him. Along with the massive thank you, I wanted to suppose how much I owned him. He told myself and others a couple of beers was all he needed.


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