I didn't know we had so many troublesome issues in the house

The both of us noticed problems in the hall toilet.

It seemed love the tank was not filling up with much water.

I knew this was probably an issue when the toilet had a bit of trouble flashing. I didn’t know if there was really enough water to get the things down into the pipes and also inside of the drain. The toilet wasn’t flushing very well and it was backed up. My husband and also myself decided a plumbing maintenance service was a good idea. The complications seem to be a problem with the drain line. The plumbing maintenance service man believed the drain line was a complication as well. He used a plumbing auger and carefully stuffed it into the toilet and then down into the drain. My husband and also myself sat around while the plumbing service man was working. He then called us into the room so we could see a small camera feed. The camera feed was dark and we couldn’t really see anything. The plumbing service man told the two of us that is exactly what we wanted. The dark area was water and there was no blockage. If something was blocking the line, it would act solutely show up and white. The guy found a spot and there was an area where it looked like there were some tree roots. In fact, there were several other locations throughout the front yard where the plumber had to access the pipe and put something else down and get rid of the tree roots. It’s a problem that is going to be a troublesome issue going forward all the time.
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