I had the pleasure of watching an HVAC appliance upgrade

I recently was able to witness as well as experience my first HVAC replacement installation.

You see I just moved into a new dwelling that I bought, as well as the central air conditioning appliance and heating appliance that came with the place was old as well as in its last years.

So I wanted to just replace it instantly rather than start dealing with all types of HVAC appliance bills. Let me tell you that I had no clue that the removal of an old central HVAC appliance as well as the installation of a brand new central HVAC appliance was an all day affair! I had expected that the whole process would have taken about 4 hours tops. I was totally wrong about that. It was actually a full 8 hour work day! No wonder they had to start extremely early in the morning. I have to tell you though that seeing them break down as well as disconnect the old air handler, put the new one in as well as transport everything sort of like movers was rather interesting! I got a real education on heating as well as cooling appliance installation this particular day let me tell you. I almost feel like I was in heat and air conditioner certification school. It was that educational for me! Not that I would ever be able to install or disconnect a central HVAC appliance myself, however I do get the general basics. I asked a bunch of questions as they were working too.

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