I took time last weekend to care for my corvette

This past weekend, I decided to dedicate some time to scrub down my 2006 corvette Z06.

I unquestionably love my baby and I love taking good care of her.

So I was out there washing everything down thoroughly; but the thing is, it was a blazing moderate day and I was starting to sweat and it was making me feel crazy. I put on some sunscreen and I also thought about the new smart thermostat I had installed not so long ago back inside. I decided that I was going to need that air conditioner to be cranked up a little bit, so I adjusted the temperature control settings on my smart thermostat with my phone. Then I continued to work on the difficult chore of scrubbing everything down in my car. However, when I was done washing everything, that’s when I broke out the wax and started waxing everything down… My automobile looked nice and shiny after I was done with everything, despite the fact that I was covered in sweat profusely. When I walked back into my house, the a/c just felt so nice, and even though it was feeling so good inside though, I knew I had to take a shower because of all the sweat from cleaning and waxing my car. So I took a quick shower and decided it was time to get out on the road with my car. I consistently get a lot of attention out there on the road when people see my car, I unquestionably love that. With a fresh coat of wax, I was feeling extra stellar out there and there were all kinds of people waving or giving me a thumbs up with a smile.

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