I was called for a drain line repair but it was much more serious

A customer called my plumbing repair service a couple of days ago.

The customer needed help with a drain line clogged.

I made an appointment with the customer and I drove out to the address. From the description that customer gave me on the phone, I expected to find a clogged drain line. Instead, the problem was much more serious. There was a pipe in the wall that was leaking and that was causing water to pool behind the toilet. The customer thought the drain line was leaking, but it was actually a more serious problem with the plumbing. I had to remove parts of the wall behind the toilet. After I removed the drywall, I noticed a lot of mold in the area. It was hard to tell where the line was leaking. I spent some time troubleshooting, because I didn’t want to tear the entire wall apart. After I found the leak and fixed the plumbing, I told the customer that a dehumidifier was a good idea. I offer to bring a dehumidifier to the house for a couple of days. The customer agreed that the dehumidifier dried out the walls and all of the wet areas inside of the bathroom. I sprayed the moldy area with bleach water solution to kill all of the mold and germs. That should keep the problem from spreading and causing any more damage. I wasn’t expecting a large plumbing repair that morning. I was expecting to clear a drain line. Thankfully the customer wasn’t upset when she found out the bad news.


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