If kid has air temperature control, he’s glad

When I was a child I do not remember having any say in our household antics, then my parents were in control of every component of our lives plus the adolescents were not allowed to say a word about it, however every one of us ate what was put on our plates every evening. Every one of us went where the two of us were told to go. And the two of us completed the chores that the two of us were told to complete. Beyond that, the two of us legitimately never had any say in the indoor air temperature control program or air quality settings. I can’t even imagine how my mom or Mom would have reacted if 1 of us complained about the current control unit settings or air temperature control programming. They legitimately would not have rushed to the control units to make alterations to the indoor air temperature control system. I think for a fact the two of us would have been screamed at if not grounded for being ingrateful that the two of us had a heating, cooling, plus air quality control program in the first site. That’s why I have a hard time understanding my brother’s kid. This child insists on being in control of the control unit at all times. If the two of us are not decreasing the indoor air temperature according to his exact temperature preferences at that moment, all hell is going to break loose. He is constantly throwing temper tantrums about uneven air un-even temperatures or cold control unit settings that he does not agree with. At this point, I think the kid has more control over the indoor air temperature control plan plus energy expenditure than his parents do. I have no plan where this Heating plus A/C brat came from.
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