Invited family to stay with me, they brought HVAC equipment

When everything gets extremely chaotic in the world, it seems like a good time for my family to get closer to me.

Currently, they live in the Midwest region of the country while I’m way down in the Southeast.

I rarely get to see my family here, and it’s common that we meet up once or twice throughout the year, if we’re lucky. When the coronavirus outbreak started, I knew it was not the time to be distant from my family. I didn’t want to go up North and deal with the bitterly cold winter season, the snow, or the need for continual indoor heating. Instead, I invited my entire family to come to the house and stay here with me. The climate and outdoor air quality is much nicer here, I have plenty of space for everybody, and it seems like we have more resources available. I was actually shocked when my family took me up on the invitation and came to stay with me. I was absolutely tickled when they arrived with all of their HVAC equipment in tow. They pulled up with a huge van hauling a trailer, which was clearly filled with air conditioning devices and furnaces. When I asked them what was going on with the HVAC caravan, they told me they were worried about air in the south. They didn’t know if we even had air conditioning systems down here, let alone air media purifiers or certified HVAC technicians. If there were AC systems available, could we even trust anyone to professionally repair it during these tense times? Clearly they don’t have a high opinion of the south, despite our superior springtime weather, friendly attitudes, and highly trained AC professionals.



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