ISO container into a pool

They also had the visible side of the container be all of glass

What can you really do with an ISO shipping container? I found recently that shipping containers can be really made into anything and look pretty good. A lot of people have mobile gyms, farms and storage spaces out of the material. There are container homes, kitchens, laundry rooms and even showers now. I recently was trying to find a cheaper way to have a swimming pool at my house. You can’t get a loan to build a pool. You just need to have the money up front. I also live on very uneven, tough terrain that would require lots of digging. Above ground pools were still expensive and very ugly. I then found that people use ISO shipping containers to have a swimming pool. It looks like a long, wide shipping container that they cut the top off. Then water is filled in it to create an interesting above ground pool. I have even seen people take a chunk out of the side of the container and put glass in there. Then it looks a little more modern and like you are swimming in a fish tank. The best looking shipping container pool I found extended right from this person’s porch. It was a very long, narrow container to be a lap pool. They also had the visible side of the container be all of glass. It looked very unique and edgy. The cost of converting a shipping container into a pool is nothing compared to getting a real inground pool with a heater and pavers. My family might be able to do this option.


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