It’s essential to have a skilled HVAC worker at our nursing center

I spent the last couple of years working in a Skilled Nursing plus Rehabilitation Facility.

Our residents plus patients were for the most part, the elderly.

All of us had many residents that were easily determined to make the best of their stay plus they were a true delight to be around. Then there were some that were entirely determined to be very angry plus make others around them angry. The long term resident rooms were all double rooms. This basically meant all of us often had conflicting personalities with roommates. One of the more serious conflicts between roommates tended to be the temperature control settings in their room. Every single room had a self contained heating plus cooling machine plus the residents controlled their own temperature. The disagreements over the heating plus cooling often led to roommate changes which were disrupting to a vast majority of people. Our building was an older building plus the lot of us were always making various changes to the a/c in an attempt to help control the humidity in the building. On especially humid mornings, the stone tiles could become slippery plus dangerous for the elderly. All of us had many Heating plus A/C machines in place for a building of our size plus a pretty huge generator in place to supply a cool room in the event of a hurricane or long term power outage. Also, our corporate offices required that our Plant Operations Manager be a certified Heating plus A/C machine contractor. He had to take all the required classes in heating plus cooling machines to be able to perform his job. His assistant had taken the classes for Heating plus A/C certification on top of that, however had not yet passed the test as of yet. There were many hot July mornings they were on the roof of the building repairing the a/c machines in our old building to keep our residents comfortable plus entirely pleased.

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