It’s Old and That’s Okay

I’ve been struggling to keep my house warm.

It’s an older home that dates back to the 70’s and even though it has great bones, it has required a lot of maintenance to restore it.

One of the last things I’ve been waiting to do is replace the HVAC system. The HVAC system wasn’t as old as the house, but it was still old, dating back 17 years ago. 17 years is a long time for an HVAC system to run in today’s world. Even though HVAC technicians have told me that I need to replace my HVAC system due to its age, I can’t bring myself to do it. Not only would it cost me thousands and thousands of dollars, but I don’t feel like I really need it. Appliances that were built 17 years ago were built to last forever, because back then, nobody had figured out how to make more money off of lousy equipment. When you bought a new washer, or dryer, or refrigerator, and even an HVAC system 17 years ago, you didn’t plan on purchasing another one for a very long time. There is technically nothing wrong with my HVAC system, except that it’s aging. When I say that it’s hard to heat my home, it’s not that the furnace can’t handle it. Instead, I have an old dial thermostat that makes it difficult to control the temperature. The dial is small and it’s almost impossible to set it to an exact number. Because of this, I think I’m going to replace my thermostat, not the entire HVAC system.



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