Jim Finances a New A/C for His Family

Jim and his wife recently had twins and shortly after, they purchased a house. They live in a region that does not get very hot in the summer, so they were not too worried about not having central A/C in their new home. Jim knows that his wife likes to sleep in a cold room, so he decided to look into having an A/C system installed in the house. He wanted this to be a surprise, so he waited until his wife and the twins were away visiting her parents in another town. Jim knew that this would be a costly project so he decided to finance the installation. He was able to put a large down payment on the new A/C system because he had been saving for a long time. When his family left, he called the HVAC company and had them send out a technician. The instill only took a few hours and the house already felt much better with the new A/C. He was able to finance the new A/C system so that he would have low monthly payments, and because they live in a region where the need for A/C is low, he would not have to worry too much about that. When his wife and kids returned from their weekend trip, they were shocked by the temperature of the house. Jim did a great job surprising his family with a new A/C system.

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