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These afternoons, it feels very much like the two of us are all sort of chasing our tails in a futile attempt to get everything done. This means that our lives are always being pulled each day in numerous directions all at once. I suppose it can honestly be overwhelming to deal with for me. I suppose good about myself if I can just get my boys fed plus driven to where they need to be. All this technology that was supposed to make our daily lives easier seems to have just allowed us to try to do far too much each morning. My limits are being reached right now, that’s for sure. Our situation with the Heating, Ventilation and A/C is a prime example of this overwhelm. Our heating plus cooling component is unquestionably on its way out. But, the facts are that the two of us still need a few more years to save cash for a new a model. So, I have tried to do all I can to maintain some production and efficiency while trying to keep this thing going a few more years until we afford a new one. I started by making the structure of my lake loft a whole lot tighter. I sealed every single gap, hole, crack or tiny seam on the exterior plus interior of the house. Keeping the volume of Heating, Ventilation and A/C treated air inside the loft is a very enjoyable way to reduce the load on the heating plus cooling equipment over time. I also had all the ducts resealed plus I hung solar drapes. Finally, last week, I started programming the thermostat to work far less when everyone is out of the house.

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