Movie night

If there is one thing that really excites me and gets my adrenaline going, it’s when I know that one of my favorite movies that I’ve been wanting to see for months is going to be premiering at my local movie theater.

That night hours before the movie, I will gather some of my close friends that would be interested in seeing it with me, we’ll get dinner beforehand and then go buy our movie tickets.

This movie that I saw was one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. There was really good ratings on this movie most likely because of the story line and the suspense and thrill it gave. There were so many times during the movie where I was hot and then cold because of how suspenseful it ws. The local movie theatre is always cold because of their powerful air conditioning unit. There’s always talk amongst movie watchers that go there that they keep their air conditioning running way too long and they set the temperature on the thermostat way too low. I don’t see the issue because I’m always hot. It can be 20 degrees outside and I can find some way where I feel warm. Also I think it’s a good thing that our movie theater keeps the temperature cooler because in the summer time people always complain about how hot they are. And when we were watching the movie, I was somewhat sweaty because of all of the suspense that the movie had. Maybe their air conditioning system is too large and that’s why it runs all the time and why it feels colder than normal. I don’t mind the coolness and when people go to the movies they should bring a sweater to begin with.

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