My dog destroyed my A/C machine

My dog just fell on top of my air conditioner machine! I have a pretty sizable dog, and she weighs almost two hundred pounds.

She is honestly the most sizable dog that I have ever seen.

I adore her so much, even though she is easily clumsy. I have to be extremely careful around her when she gets really excited because she can accidentally hurt me. Not only does she accidentally hurt me, but she also accidentally destroys several things at my residence. I don’t assume I have any more decorations in my residence because she has broken pretty much everything, even though she didn’t mean to. I adore her too much to make her stay outside, so I let her stay in the residence most of the time. She is a wonderful dog except for the fact that she is way too clumsy. She ruined my air conditioner machine last week, & it was depressing. I had just gotten the air conditioner machine a month before. It was a pretty costly air conditioner machine, & I didn’t have a warranty on it. I knew that I should have paid extra for the warranty for the air conditioner machine, but I didn’t listen to my instincts. Now, I have to buy a new air conditioner machine. My dog literally just fell onto the air conditioner machine & knocked it out the window. It was a total accident, but I am now without an air conditioner machine, & it is absolutely scorching outside. I honestly need a new air conditioner machine as soon as possible. It would be nice to have an air conditioner machine by tomorrow evening since I am having my family over, but we will see.


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