My dog ran into the A/C appliance

My dog just ran into the A/C appliance.

I have a large dog… He weighs almost two hundred pounds.

He is really the biggest dog that I have ever seen. I enjoy him so much, but he is extremely clumsy. I have to be especially careful around him when he gets very excited because he can actually hurt me. Not only does he accidentally hurt me, but he also accidentally ruins numerous things at my dwelling. I don’t suppose I have any more decorations in my dwelling because he has broken everything, but he didn’t mean to. I enjoy him too much to make him stay outside, so I let his stay in the dwelling most of the time. He is a really wonderful pet except for the fact that he is terribly clumsy. He ruined my air conditioner appliance last week, plus it was sad. I had just gotten the air conditioner appliance not too long ago. It was a pretty costly air conditioner appliance, plus I didn’t have a warranty on it. I knew that I should have paid extra for the warranty for the air conditioner appliance, but I didn’t listen to my instincts. Now, I have to buy a brand new air conditioner appliance… My pet literally just ran into the air conditioner appliance plus knocked it out the window. It was a total accident, but I am now without an air conditioner appliance, plus it is tepid outside. I really need a good working air conditioner as soon as possible. It would be great to have an air conditioner appliance by tomorrow night since I am having a neighbor over, but I suppose we will see.

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