My grandparents get a big lift from HVAC company

I really like the fact that my grandparents live fairly close to me.

First, they are just such great people and have such awesome wisdom to share.

I have learned so much about managing my life from them. Then, it’s also really good that I can sort of keep an eye on them and help out when needed. Recently, the HVAC cooling system stopped working inside their home. My grandpa is the sort of guy who prefers to repair stuff by kicking the appliance or hitting it with a rubber mallet. Grandma, on the other hand, does all she can to keep this “repair” style from completely destroying the appliance. I pulled up to find both of my grandparents sweating it out on the front porch during the heat of the day. They said at least outside they could get a bit of a breeze even though their house is full of fans. We live in an area where the temperature outside can get dangerously high, particularly for the elderly. That old HVAC unit was probably finished as it was well over 20 years old. I had to tell them that it was time to replace the HVAC but, I would find them an HVAC contractor to help out. I was pleased that this announcement didn’t come with a lot of pushback from my granda. When the HVAC guy got out there, we were able to fairly swiftly choose an HVAC upgrade that would fit their needs and their budget. However, due to stalled manufacturing, the installation would take at least a month. The HVAC contractor then went to his van and pulled out 3 portable air conditioners that my grandparents could use, free of charge, until the installation.


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