My old HVAC system

When I was younger, I used to spend all the summer months outdoors.

My grandparents owned a farm, where I was invited to spend most summers.

As a child, I enjoyed running through the fields while the wind brushed against my face. I would run, play with my cousins, help my grandfather in the chicken coop, and enjoy the summer months without any worries. Even on days plagued with sweltering heat, or humidity after a rainstorm, I looked forward to spending summers at my grandparent’s farm with my family. After playing outdoors, my grandmother would call out for my cousins and me to come in for dinner. I still remember the air conditioning system that blasted cold air and cooled every room in my grandparent’s house. The cold air would hit my face as I ran back in the place, ready to eat a home-cooked meal. When our AC broke down during the summer before seventh grade, the heat was more evident and much less enjoyable because I could not get away from it. My grandparents weren’t always great at remembering to change filters and get routine air conditioner service, especially since they would travel often. That summer, each day felt like a furnace in my grandparent’s home until the sun went down, and we were all miserable. We had an HVAC business come all the way out to the farm and repair the heating and cooling equipment. The HVAC technician quickly fixed our AC unit, and the cooling air returned to fill the home again. Nonetheless, I learned a lot about HVAC that summer, and I still enjoyed the summer heat so long as the AC unit cooled me at the end of the day.


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