My Sister Controlled the Smart Thermostat

She said yes and helped me log in.

When I found myself out of a job last month, I needed to find a place to stay. The lease on my apartment had just run out, and my landlord was hounding me about renewing or I’d be evicted. I’m not someone who ever saw this happening, because I work hard and pay all my bills on time. Unfortunately, when the company I was working for merged with a different company, a lot of the younger staff lost their positions. To make the situation worse, I had to deal with the whole apartment lease thing. Thankfully, my sister had a ensuite in her basement that was vacant, and she offered to let me stay there until I got back on my feet. When I was moving my things in, she showed me where the laundry was, how to lock the door, and where the thermostat was. When I looked at the thermostat, I instantly remembered that my sister had recently upgraded to a smart thermostat, so I was excited! I asked her if I could download the app to my phone so I could set the temperature from anywhere. She said yes and helped me log in. After moving all my stuff in, I wanted to lower the temperature from my phone and test out the smart thermostat. However, when I went to adjust the temperature, it told me that the change had to be approved by my sister. She’d placed a block on my freedom to change the temperature! I’m grateful for the free place to live, but I’m already desperate to find a new job and move out.



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