Need to Get out for a Sunset Bike Ride Soon

This is my last article of the day and then I am going to ride my bike a bit.

I live about two minutes by bike to the Mediterranean sea and am so grateful for picking this spot as my home.

I don’t think tonight’s bike ride is going to offer me a sunset as it is very cloudy out but nevertheless, I am sure I will see some beautiful sites with the big waves and whatnot. Bitcoin is pumping today and could even break 42K which would be amazing as it has been a resistance area for quite a while. I will get a new boiler and heat pump if it hits 42K so I am hoping it does soon because I don’t have any hot water in my flat at the moment and the central heat is not heating very well either. I think the sunset is now around 7pm so we are starting to get longer days and that means summer is coming so I need to get my shoulders ready for beach volleyball soon. I’ve been icing them and then warming them with my radiant space heater which does an amazing job of heating up cold parts on the body. I also take a hot bath normally but I have to wait for that till we get the hot water boiler fixed and running again. I think I will replace it this weekend as the HVAC business is having a sale on all of their HVAC equipment and Bitcoin is on a crazy tear so far.


new hvac

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