Only hot air is coming out right now

I was the only one finally working in the office on Saturday.

I only went to finish the end of the month paperwork for the billing department that needed to be done.

I was only planning on spending a couple of minutes in the office, so of course I told our guy that I would be home for supper. Everything was actually going as planned until the A/C stopped working. I didn’t recognize there was any cold air coming out of the ductwork. I thought it was just one faulty vent, however I worked carefully around the office as well as I didn’t recognize that there was cold air anywhere. The temperature control was running as well as I could easily hear the A/C finally working. Unfortunately, the only thing coming out of the ducts that day was a steady stream of warm air. I didn’t want to contact our boss, because it was Saturday. I didn’t recognize I had a choice, so I picked up the PC as well as dialed his home number. I called as well as left a lengthy message as well as tried to get some more completed. After 30 minutes, I finally decided to text as well as call. I still didn’t gain a response, so finally, I turned off the temperature control to the AC entirely. Then, at least all of us could at least save some currency on the electric bill. There seemed no great reason to continue to let the A/C run if there wasn’t any real cold air coming out of the vents.


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