Our gym has a sauna and that’s good enough for me

I didn’t care when my wife told me she wanted to sign up for for our local gym.

  • After all, she’s welcome to do whatever she wants with her spare time.

Before she signed up, my wife went on and on about the yoga classes, personal trainers, and group fitness classes that the gym offered. I just nodded but didn’t really care, to be honest. But then when she got back from her first gym session, she informed me that she had signed me up for the gym as well. Apparently they had a really good deal if you sign up two people rather than just one. Now she had my attention. I was not at all interested in joining the gym. Yoga classes and wellness programs are not for me. In the middle of our discussion, my wife informed me that the gym doesn’t just have fitness programs, they also have saunas and steam rooms. Those are both things I had talked about finding for myself. For the first time I was a little bit interested in this gym. I decided to go with my wife the next day. While she went to her yoga class, I checked out the sauna. At the end of the hour, we were both hot and sweaty and I’m beginning to think I may like this gym after all.On the drive home, my wife kept going on about the weightlifting that the gym offered along with nutritional counseling and personal fitness experts but she’s not going to talk me into all of that. I’m not going to reprimand her for paying a little extra every month to add me to the membership but I’m not going to work up a sweat anyway other than sitting on my butt in a steam room.

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