Partnering up for workout with someone who is more dedicated than me was good motivation!

My friends and I planned to attend a workout session twice a week with a personal trainer. With so many of us going, and we have this wonderful time, we enjoy our training sessions thoroughly. We usually head to the gym and spend about an hour or so working out, all alongside the personal trainer. From there we will reward ourselves with some fun! With a new steakhouse of our choice after each visit, we tend to drink wine, margaritas, or whatever we feel like drinking. Both of us always order a ton of appetizers too, and even dessert! Sure, we end up ruining all of our hard work at the gym, but it’s the best part of the day – if not the week. Look, the workout isn’t what I live for! I look forward to sitting around a table, having a few drinks and a great meal as my friends and I gab. I don’t need to feel all too guilty about all of the calories burned in that ninety minute session, as we all set up group training sessions to work out together. Unfortunately, the personal trainer wanted a group of at least three or four of us, just so that we could partner up for our sessions! They put some random woman in our class, who is an absolute component when it comes to exercise. Naturally, I wound up being partnered with her, and I struggle as she always puts in 110% of her effort in every exercise! While my friends are all laughing and doing the minimum to get through it, she’s yelling at me and the others to lift more weight! Work harder, go faster – it’s all this woman wants! I’m absolutely getting more from the workout compared to my friends, all thanks to this ridiculous woman.

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