Pay Attention to the HVAC and It Will Pay You Back

It bothers me a bit that I have the capacity to completely zone out of a conversation if I’m not interested.

I guess I still have a pleasant look on my face that indicates that I am engaged. But, I’m not. Now, if it’s a topic that I find to be engrossing or informative, I am all about it. That is probably something that is fairly common I guess. Actually, it’s easy for me to pay complete attention to anything mechanical. I have the ability to notice the slightest change in machines. Take the HVAC unit for example. Paying attention to the HVAC unit saved me quite a headache actually. While outside weeding the flower beds, I thought I heard a peculiar sound coming from the HVAC. Went I went over to investigate, I noticed the HVAC system also had quite a shimmy to it. Nothing exactly shaking but it was definitely moving more than it should be. I quickly went online to see what this meant for my HVAC. The results became very clear within a minute or two. I hurried inside to shut down the HVAC system. What I learned was that shaking was a very bad sign for any HVAC unit. I placed a call to our HVAC people who came right out to inspect the heating and cooling system. They found that there was a bad bearing inside the fan housing that was causing it to be out of balance and cause the shaking. It was very fortunate that I was able to catch the problem. Had I not paid attention, the damage to my HVAC could have been quite costly.

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