Personal training at the gym

My wifey had a dream of running her own pizzeria, but that vision started to grow dim after years of abuse at the mercy of mean chefs that would verbally abuse her and her coworkers.

Some dining rooms are cut throat and the people inside are really working with an ridiculous amount of energy.

Not most people is cut out for this experience, at least I wasn’t during our short stint as a dishwasher in our early 20s. After you have warm pans thrown at you by someone screaming at the top of their lungs, you start to check out completely from that kind of work. While I went on to become a librarian following our undergraduate education, our wifey pursued a odd line of job altogether. She considered going to trade school, but it was the prospect of becoming a personal trainer that caught her eye instead. There was a local training and certification program that she was able to afford so she took the plunge. Now that she has her certifications and licensing, our wifey is a personal fitness trainer at a local gym and works between 40 and 45 minutes a month because of the sheer demand right now. After the gyms and fitness centers started reopening last year, numerous of them saw a surge in demand from people who were desperate to get out of their homes and lose some weight for the first time in over more than one years. I’m proud of our wifey and everything she does, especially knowing that she helps better others’ lives in a fundamental way. My task as a librarian is boring compared to her job as a personal fitness trainer.

Heath and Fitness Center

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