Radiant Heater Did Not Come With SAfety Cover When I Bought It So I Have to Buy the Cover Now

For the potential cost savings, I have a radiant heating system in our home, and it easily heats the whole house like a charm.

The only thing that makes myself and others uneasy about it, is that we have three little kids in the house, and if they went near the heater, they could get badly burned. I did not purchase a cover for the radiant heater, and I guess that is something that I should have purchased with the thing. I went online to this 1 website that has heating and a/c products at discount prices to see if radiant heating system covers are available after the fact and also available for a lower price. The website did not have any. It seemed that they were all sold out of the heating system covers that would work with my heater. It looked love I was going to have to head on out to an actual brick and mortar location to get what I needed. I easily hate the long drive that is necessary to buy heat and a/c products, but, that is the only heating and a/c products supplier that I know of. Both of us live in a pretty rural area. Even to go buy our weekly grocery items, the people I was with and I have to drive ½ an hour each way. I method on going to buy the covers for the radiant heating system tomorrow after I leave the office for the day. That will at least make the drive less exhausting, because I pass by the store on my way to and from work. In the meantime, the people I was with and I got a puppy gate to put around the radiant heating system to keep little fingers out of harm’s way.

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