Reasons for furnace maintenance

If something should go wrong, the replacement parts are covered

It took me way too long to fully appreciate the importance of annual furnace maintenance. I dealt with minor problems with the heating system that were caused by a lack of annual upkeep. While the issues were small and easily resolved, I still ended up paying a hefty repair bill. Plus, any furnace malfunction is disruptive. Higher utility bills, diminished comfort and degraded air quality were a few of the consequences. I’d also need to interrupt my daily routine to meet an HVAC contractor. I sometimes was forced to take off from work to get the repair accomplished. It’s much cheaper and easier to simply schedule proactive service at a convenient time during the fall season. I have the furnace inspected and adjusted prior to the heating system. I can then be sure that every component is in tip top shape and working at its best. The HVAC contractor provides a thorough cleaning of the inner workings, removing any buildup of dust, dirt and grime. He tightens electrical connections, lubricates moving parts and verifies the integrity of the heat exchanger. He checks the air filter, the thermostat and the burner assembly of the furnace. I know the heating system is operating at maximum capacity, efficiency and safety levels. I enjoy superior temperature control and air quality while paying less every month. Plus, these services fulfill the requirements of the manufacturer’s warranty. If something should go wrong, the replacement parts are covered. I enrolled in a maintenance plan that includes priority scheduling, no extra fees for overtime services and a discount on repairs.

Air conditioner tune-up

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