Shared air duct causes roach infestation

I share the a/c plus heating vents with all of the rooms in this house complex; The manager sets the control component to about 71 degrees year-round plus all of us all get the same temperature plus air.

That did not bother me until I started noticing roaches coming out of our duct work, however i told the manager instantly plus he maintained our house plus did not find our house to be the source of the bugs, he then maintained the apartments near mine plus found the culprit, but one of our neighbors keeps their home filthy dirty plus it is infested with roaches, then because of the shared air duct, the bugs just crawl from a single house to the next plus they are start to infest the entire building… Now the whole house complex has to be fumigated.

Once that is taken care of, I easily want to know what I can do to keep bugs from getting in from other apartments back into our apartment. I doubt easily much if a screen would work over the vent covers but it might be better than nothing, then maybe I could also use some sort of bug trap or bait near the vent chances too. I do love residing in this house complex, or at least I did love residing here. Now I’m not so sure. I might have to find a modern house that has its own HVAC system plus doesn’t share duct work with the adjoining apartments. The thought of nasty roaches crawling around our possessions easily grosses me out! I can not have that.

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