Stuck without a/c and waiting for a repair?

Living in the east is so great but my goodness, is it warm! When I say warm, I mean it is so sizzling every single day, you can walk out your front door in addition to instantly absolutely get a burn if you were not wearing any protection.

You should always also absolutely wear a sun hat or some glasses to protect from the elements. Thankfully, you do not have to spend a lot of time outside if you do not want to. When really making that decision, you will be welcomed with a breath of fresh a/c to cool you down in an instant. So if you are walking to your car or going to the store, a/c is crucial down in the east in addition to I cannot live without it! One time, I was headed to the grocery store in addition to my tire being flat. It was 2 in the afternoon with not a cloud in the sky – thankfully, I had triple AAA however they could not get to me for another second! I was sort of stuck in the area. I had no pals or family nearby that I was able to call. Thank god it was not something worse where my vehicle would no longer run because I was at least able to sit in the a/c while I waited for triple AAA to arrive with a brand new tire. Think about how miserable it would have been to sit there in the horrible heat for an hour! Air conditioning entirely saved me in addition to my day for that matter!



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